COVID-19 Update:

Updated August 1, 2020

Our county, Marion, is in the Phase 2 reopening! This allows us to have our playing fields open under certain limiting conditions. We will have a lower player-cap than before, so we are asking all our guests to book in advance either online or by calling ahead. 503-581-1177

With the limit on total players, we are having to adapt the way we operate. We thank you for your patience as we learn and adapt on the fly.

Some changes you may notice:

  • We are following all applicable CDC and Oregon Health Authority guidance.
  • Paintball Field max capacity, 24 players.
  • Airsoft / Laser Tag field max capacity, 20 players.
  • Our staff will have masks on at all times.
  • Social distancing, please keep 6 feet of distance between yourself and our staff / other guests.
  • Our tables are now 6 feet apart.
  • We now have “Game Blocks” spread throughout the day. We are asking that you sign up for a specific block.
  • We recommend showing up 15 minutes before your start time to check in.
  • We will run 4 games/hour during all game blocks to ensure LOTS of fun play time.
  • We will no longer be rotating A/B player groups, you will have back-to-back play time during your block (This means more play time, and less waiting!!)
  • Not all game blocks will allow players with their own gear. We are trying to group players by skill/experience level to ensure the most fun for all guests.
  • Our masks have above-industry-standard cleaning done with every use, but we also realize many guests may be more comfortable with a new mask that they can keep. These will be available at just $15.

Off-site equipment rental is also available, so that you can take the fun home!

What about our store?

All retail businesses have been allowed to reopen under certain conditions in the state of Oregon as of May 14th. (See this article for more info). Therefore our store is now open to serve our loyal guests, with a few changes.

Extreme Velocity, Inc.

Visiting Warpaint soon? Watch this short video on what you can expect when you visit!

Paintball & Airsoft & Laser Tag

These are all exciting games that promote team-work, while providing exercise, all while having a great time you’ll never forget.

Age Restrictions:

Paintball & Airsoft: Must be Age 10 or older to play on your own. 

Age 8-9 can play with an adult helper. One adult/child. 

Laser Tag: No age restriction. It’s fun for anyone who can safely hold the equipment! 

Book Online Today





The wait is over! Extreme Velocity / Warpaint now has 2 indoor play fields! One is our Paintball field that we’ve had for over 20 years, and the second one just opened and is for Airsoft and Laser Tag. 

The Scenario

While our Paintball field has a wild-west theme, we decided to go a very different direction with our new Airsoft/Laser tag field. This new field is done up as the office headquarters for the evil corporation “LYZE Inc.”

LYZE Inc. is a biotechnology laboratory involved in some morally questionable research. Choose the blue team to side with the company and defend this important technology! Or, choose the red team to join the Raiders in taking down LYZE Inc. and destroying it’s research before it’s too late!


The Venue

The LYZE Inc. headquarters are under attack! Battle under the black-lights in a game of Airsoft or Laser tag like never before! Lasers, flickering lights, a rumbling soundtrack, and even a little fog help to immerse you in the game. Guard the satellite uplink, or attack the server room. Use a cubicle for cover or charge into the radiation room… just don’t stay too long. 


The Details

Open Monday through Friday 1pm – 9pm

Open Saturday 9am – 9pm

Open Sunday 1pm – 7pm


We are open every day, but the best rate of the week for Airsoft is Thursday! 

  • Every Thursday
  • 5pm – 9pm
  • $25 entry includes 5000 BB’s
  • Rentals available for additional $10


A brand new offering!

  • Every Friday
  • 5pm – 9pm
  • Perfect for date night

For reservations and details, call the 503-581-1177