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Doing this in advance will speed up your check-in process. Every player must have a waiver filled out. Those under 18 need an adult to sign for them. 

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Paintball & Airsoft & Laser Tag

These are all exciting games that promote team-work, while providing exercise, all while having a great time you’ll never forget.

Age Restrictions:

Paintball & Airsoft: Must be Age 10 or older to play on your own. 

Age 8-9 can play with an adult helper. One adult/child. 

Laser Tag: No age restriction. It’s fun for anyone who can safely hold the equipment! 

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Paintball party packages for 4 players



The wait is over! Extreme Velocity / Warpaint now has 2 indoor play fields! One is our Paintball field that we’ve had for over 20 years, and the second one just opened and is for Airsoft and Laser Tag. 

The Scenario

While our Paintball field has a wild-west theme, we decided to go a very different direction with our new Airsoft/Laser tag field. This new field is done up as the office headquarters for the evil corporation “LYZE Inc.”

LYZE Inc. is a biotechnology laboratory involved in some morally questionable research. Choose the blue team to side with the company and defend this important technology! Or, choose the red team to join the Raiders in taking down LYZE Inc. and destroying it’s research before it’s too late!

The Venue

The LYZE Inc. headquarters are under attack! Battle under the black-lights in a game of Airsoft or Laser tag like never before! Lasers, flickering lights, a rumbling soundtrack, and even a little fog help to immerse you in the game. Guard the satellite uplink, or attack the server room. Use a cubicle for cover or charge into the radiation room… just don’t stay too long. 


The Details

Open Monday through Saturday

Call or Click “Book Now” to see available game times.


We are open every day, but the best time to play Airsoft in Salem is on Mondays and Thursdays! 

  • Every Monday & Thursday
  • 5pm – 8:30pm for longer play time
  • Discounts on Entry for Members (Ask about our membership options in store)


A brand new offering!

  • Every Friday
  • 4pm – 6pm & 7pm – 9pm Sessions available
  • Perfect for date night

For reservations and details, call 503-581-1177

Off-site equipment rental is also available, so that you can take the fun home!

What about our store?

Check out our online store, or come on down to shop in person! 

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