We hear many great questions, Here are some (hopefully) helpful answers to the most common of them.

Does it hurt?

By far, this is question #1. The answer… Yeah, a little bit.

Being hit by a paintball is similar to getting whipped by a towel in gym class. It has a sting to it, but the pain quickly subsides, leaving you excited to get in there and try it again.

Getting hit by an airsoft BB has even less sting, and can be a great lower-impact option for some.

Are you crazy?

Yes, probably.

Actually, it’s the fact that there is a little sting to it that makes Paintball and Airsoft so much fun. Because there is a “penalty” when you get shot, you naturally think twice before charging up the middle of the field like RAMBO. It’s this split-second pause which sends your adrenaline through the roof, and makes for an exhilarating game!

By the way… you feel the impact of a paintball FAR less when your adrenaline is really pumping, so put on that sweet 80’s head-band and go for it, Rambo!

What is Airsoft?

Great question. Airsoft is a game of tag that is played much like Paintball. It has less of a household name, but the idea is the same.

Airsoft BB’s, as they are called, are little 6mm round plastic balls which we shoot at each other in an attempt to eliminate the other team, and complete an objective (Like capturing the flag). Airsoft BB’s are just plastic, so they are cleaner than Paintballs.

Also, airsoft BB’s hit with a fraction of the energy that paintballs hit with, so it is a great lower-impact option for many.

Is it safe?

Another great question. And let me assure you, safety is our number 1 concern here at Warpaint.

That being said, here are the facts. The only serious injury you can receive from a flying paintball or BB is to your eyes. Because of that, all players are required to wear full face protection which covers from the forehead down to the chin, and from ear to ear, all the way across the front of your face. As long as that face-mask is on, you really have nothing to worry about.

Beyond that, all players are given a safety briefing going over the rules of the game, and how to stay safe.

Lastly, the lawyers would have us tell you all the risks. They can all be found in the safety waiver, but I will spare you the legalese here. Basically, Paintball and Airsoft are active sports. There is running around, crawling, and jumping, so you should keep that in mind. Keep hydrated, watch your footing, and be mindful of the other guests around you as you play.

What should I wear?

The best way to lessen the impact of a Paintball or Airsoft BB is to wear a couple of loose-fitting layers.

A T-shirt with a hoody or sweatshirt and baggy pants are probably the most common combination. But really just about anything will work. Old military BDU’s are always a hit as well.

Always wear Closed-toed shoes. Never wear flip-flops. Old sneakers or boots work great.

There is “Paintball” gear, which is great. However, it’s pretty pricey for the casual player. If you are playing regularly though, it’s worth the investment.

If you’d like extra coverage, we do sell disposable Camo-Coveralls at the field for $10.

If you’d like extra protection, we have chest/back protectors, full-head masks, and other options available for sale and rent. Call for more details.